The Statue Controversies

Yes, these statues have been blogged ad infinitum. Nevertheless:

A few weeks ago, DC’s previews released images of Catwoman and Supergirl statues:

statues.jpg Now, the Catwoman statue you might be able to explain. Her aggressive sexuality has always been a part of the character. But really, does she not have a zipper? Why leap around the East End of Gotham with your tits hanging out?

Supergirl, on the other hand, is basically indefensible. You’ve taken a character that’s supposed to be 17, and you’ve given her a Seven Year Itch skirt and frighteningly perky breasts with nipples bulging, pointing to the heavens. Not to mention the anorexic waistline. the manager at my local comic book store, upon hearing DC was making a Supergirl statue, wanted to get one for his daughter, who’s in love with the character. Then he saw this preview. Obviously, his little girl ain’t gettin’ the statue.

Then, from Marvel, came this offering:

Mary Jane, doing her husband’s laundry with a smile on her face. Her boobs hanging out, her thong riding way up, a tear in the ass of her jeans. The online flap about this statue has been bigger than the ones above. I think what makes it doubly offensive is the laundry part. I’m not saying that MJ, after a particularly violent battle between Doc Ock and her man, wouldn’t occasionally take some time out of her busy schedule to wash Peter’s uniform. But would she look like this when she did it?

I was wondering who could display this in their home without feeling at least a bit of shame. I have concluded that only a beautiful, red-headed woman who hates doing the laundry could do so, as some sort of ironic something-or-other. Maybe it’s the fact that my girlfriend fiancee works in an environment where feminism is part of the air she breathes, and so I’ve become extra sensitive to things like this. I don’t think so, though. You shouldn’t have to be an extra-sensitive ultra-feminist to see that these statues are offensive to varying degrees. They’re not the images I would want to show to the daughter-I-may-one-day-have.


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