The League of 80s Action Heroes

This is a little meme I came across at Bully’s wonderfantasmic blog. In the footsteps of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, you put together a team of fictional characters based on a few archetypes (Leader, Woman of Mystery, Rogue, Muscle, Guy With A Boat). To make it easier, I decided to narrow things down to specific genres or categories. My first attempt:


League of 80s Action Heroes

The Leader: Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer

The Rogue: Det. John McClane

The Muscle: Connor MacLeod

The Woman of Mystery: Sarah Connor

The Guy With a Boat: CPO Casey Ryback, and the USS Missouri

* * *

When the CIA gets wind of a terrifying alliance being forged by South American drug lords, Eastern European terrorists, rogue KGB agents, and a shady force of aliens and futuristic androids, it knows it has to assemble the most fearsome fighting force America could bring to bear. Major Dutch Schaefer, a Green Beret veteran and the only survivor of a botched top secret rescue mission in the jungles of Guatemala, is chosen to lead the team. Connor MacLeod, an enigmatic Scotsman with superb fighting skills and a remarkable knack for recovering from injury, is attached to the squad as a contribution from America’s allies in MI6. The Agency, having scoured data from across the globe in an attempt to glean information on their enemies, secures the release of one Sarah Connor from Pescadero State Hospital in California. She has a strong reaction to Schaefer, and at first is too terrified to be reasoned with. She only regained her composure after an unexplained, private exchange with Major Schaefer, after which the Major emerged with a deep, seemingly self-inflicted wound on his arm. Connor would only say that Schaefer had “proved himself”. Rounding out the group is Chief Petty Officer Casey Ryback, former Navy Seal, who single-handedly recovered the USS Missouri during an attempted terrorist mutiny. The Missouri, docked in New York harbour, serves as the mobile headquarters of the group. Their numbers increase by one, however, when Det. John McClane, NYPD, tracks down several suspected terrorists who had been attempting to plant a powerful explosive device on board the Missouri and kill Schaefer’s team. Recognizing McClane’s skill and determination, Schaefer has him assigned for the duration of their mission.

And the adventures of The League of 80’s Action Movie Heroes begin.

* * *

See how easy it is? Your turn.


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8 responses to “The League of 80s Action Heroes

  1. Whoa, I’d read (or see) that! Cool choices and you get extra points for actually developing a plot. Major bull-bonus to you! Terrific!

  2. cooker

    Thanks! I’ve got a bunch more in the pipe. Stay tuned!

  3. The very idea of these leagues always gives me little nerdgasms. I can’t wait for the full collection to appear on ceebeegeebee. =]

  4. How can you take Casey Ryback over John J. Rambo?

  5. Jerry

    Yeah, where’s Rambo. The loner, the quiet one. First shoot and maybe start asking questions later.

  6. Jerry

    I get it. He comes to the rescue when everybody goes MIA.

  7. mitch

    T2 and under seige were in the 90s

  8. Most of those movies were form the 90’s

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