Danny Rand: Hardest of the Hard

For your consideration, please review the following panel from the recently released Immortal Iron Fist #5:

Palm of forty sorrows

With apologies to Messers Fraction, Brubaker, and Aja, may I humbly offer the following correction?

Palm of Punching-your-brains-through-your-f%!king-skull

Yes, you should be reading this comic.


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One response to “Danny Rand: Hardest of the Hard

  1. Brubaker is one of those writers that I’ve only experienced through Daredevil (the only monthly I’m able to keep up with due to my retardedly busy schedule… stupid life), but I’m fully intending to get my hands on his Capt. America run. Anyone who can make Cap and Iron Fist relevant again deserves to be read.

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