ceebeegeebee at the racks, May 27 2007

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1: 😦 / 🙂 The big chunk of this book tells Sandman’s childhood backstory, and is almost entirely forgettable (As a kid, Flint Marko was obsessed with sand? Whodathunkit?). But at the back there’s a beautifully illustrated short story that Colleen Doran pencils. It’s almost worth the price of admission by itself.

newuniversal #6: 🙂 “Can someone tell me, in real simple words, exactly what is going on?” Not really, sorry. But I think I like it. I’m one of those who is somehow pre-disposed towards Warren Ellis’ style of writing. I enjoy most, though not all, of the comics he writes, and this one has me, despite itself. I don’t really have a firm grasp of the details, and the characters haven’t had time to really get developed, but I just get the feeling when I’m reading it that I’m reading Something Good.

I’m also enjoying the use of real-life models that Larocca has been employing for his characters. The most obvious ones are Bruce Willis as the cop, and James Cromwell as Voight, but wikipedia has a few guesses about the others, as well.

Fantastic Four #546: 🙂 I only know Dwayne McDuffie from the Justice League cartoon, but I love what he’s doing with Stan and Jack’s toybox. Black Panther has never been as cool as he is in this comic. And the frogs? My thoughts, summarized: Yes.

Hellblazer #232: 🙂 This is the first issue if Hellblazer I’ve read in a while, and I liked it.  Mike Carey’s Constantine never felt quite like the Constantine I know and love (Delano, Ennis) and I drifted away.  Diggle seems to have found the mark, though.  Leonardo Manco’s art is, as always, right on the money.  He always captures just the right mood.

Countdown #49: 😦 I’m not a huge fan of the down from 51 numbering, I gotta say.  As for the comic itself: mmmmeh.  Nothing’s happened yet to make me care about the rogues, nor Mary Marvel,  nor the Monitors…  So I basically have no interest in this comic.  I like Jimmy Olsen, but I don’t like the way that’s being handled, either.  It puzzles me a bit, because I enjoyed 52, and I enjoy Paul Dini, but this?

Maybe it would be better if they came right out and told us the Monitors were named Bob and Solomon.

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