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Warren Ellis and the youth of today

A few weeks back we got Warren Ellis’ JLA: New Maps of Hell paperback from the library for the kids at the childcare centre where I work. I heard a couple of kids talking about it this afternoon. It went something like this:

“I’m bored.”

“Read a comic.”

“I read them all. This one? New Maps of Hell? It’s so boring! Nothing happens!”


To be fair, something does happen in the comic. They blow up a robotic death god thing. Doesn’t that count for something?

Ah well. Maybe next month I’ll get them Transmetropolitan, and they can get a taste of the real Ellis.


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Batman: Help Me!!

Came across this undeniably cute Batman cartoon today:

I thought you’d like it. Find out more over here.

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Sneaking peeks

Marvel has 12 previews up on Newsarama for their June 27th releases. There’s a lot of good-looking stuff on there, so check it out. Among them, these gems:


Luke Cage provides yet another compelling arguement for why you should be reading Immortal Iron Fist.


Now, this could very well be Johnny Storm talking about a horrifying trip to an alternate dimension. On the other hand, it could also be Dwayne McDuffie’s way of telling Robert Kirkman what he thinks of Marvel Zombies.


Jamie Madrox does his best 300.

And so much more. Check ’em out.

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ceebeegeebee at the racks, June 24 2007

Brave and the Bold #4 🙂 It’s been said before, but this title is the most fun you can have in the DCU these days. I wasn’t really sold on it until this issue, whichlobo-sez-gizz.jpg features Lobo and Supergirl tear-assing around the galaxy while Blue Beetle deals with a half-cyborg Batman. One point of procedure, however: are they allowed to say gizz in all-ages comics now?

Captain America #27 🙂 You wouldn’t think a book could have this much life following the murder of the title character. Despite the inevitable outcome of the Winter Soldier’s quest, I can’t help but root for him. Is there anyone left who actually likes Tony Stark?

Incredible Hulk #107 🙂 Speaking of not liking Tony Stark, Amadeus Cho continues his quest to help The Hulk with his war. After this issue, I want Greg Pak to write a Hercules miniseries, even if it’s just him in an internet cafe.

Chronicles of Wormwood #4 🙂 In this issue, we finally find out what happened to Hitler. I continue to enjoy this series, although I’m not entirely sure why Satan and Jacko are working together. Ennis shows once again how easily he can switch gears from the profane to the touching. I wish there were more writers as talented as this.

Ex Machina #29 😐 It’s not that I didn’t like this issue, I just felt like the ending was a bit of a, well, deus ex machina. To have the mysterious stranger (spoiler alert, folks) simply teleport away was a letdown for me. I really enjoyed the coda, however: a flashback to Hundred’s exploits on 9/11. I remain a stalwart fan of this series.

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Sony owns your children

So at the child care centre where I am humbly employed, the juniors (aged 6-8) have been reading Bridge To Terabithia. Or rather, having it read to them. In any event, we planned to watch the film version next week as an end-of-school treat. My co-worker mentioned last week, during circle time, that the movie was out on DVD and we would-

“And Blu-Ray!” shouted one of the kids, with enthusiasm.


“DVD and Blu-Ray, too!”

I was a little frightened. Marketing penetrates even the most innocent of minds. Perhaps, especially the most innocent of minds.

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The League of Hard-Boiled Supercops

Once again, inspiration via Bully:



Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan, San Francisco PD
Detective Frank Serpico, NYPD
Detective Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle, NYPD
Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, San Francisco PD
Detective Lieutenant John McQ, Seattle PD

July, 1972. On both sides of the country, there is upheaval in the criminal underworld. A potent new shipment of heroin has hit the streets from San Francisco to New York. The battle for control of the drug trade has become an all-out war between the most notorious gangs in the country. Innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire. Determined to stem the violence, the police departments on the most affected cities agree to a joint task force to discover the source of the new drugs, and to stamp out the organization responsible once and for all.
From San Francisco come Lieutenant Frank Bullitt and Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan, two of the most decorated investigators on the force with years of experience. Bullitt, a legend on the force, is wary of his new partner’s reputation for unnecessary force. Callahan, for his part, sees Bullitt as a soft touch who lacks the will to do what must be done. The NYPD assigns Detective Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle and Detective Frank Serpico. Doyle, fresh off the celebrated bust of the French heroin organization, is eager to take on a new challenge, but despises Serpico, who has testified against other officers in corruption hearings. Serpico, a media darling, suspects he was assigned to the case merely to take him out of the city and away from the spotlight. Their initial inquiries point them towards Seattle, a small city with a weak and under-manned police department but advanced port facilities. When the four officers arrive, they’re given an escort in the form of Detective Lieutenant John McQ, a veteran officer on his last legs, annoyed at the presence of strangers in his town.
Together, these five men will uncover a secret so great that hundreds have died to protect. They will expose corruption that reaches to the highest levels. And to close the case, one of them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice…

* * *

I dare you to tell me you wouldn’t see that movie.

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When sound effects go wrong



From Incredible Hulk #107, art by Gary Frank





You know what? I like it. The next time Frank Castle lets loose with an M60 in a club full of mafioso, I wanna be reading BLAMMETY BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM!

Also of note in this issue: Hercules reveals his tech savvy. Not only does he receive emails, he chides Angel for not using keyboard shortcuts. Greg Pak is doing something right.



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