The League of Incredible Canines

Following in Bully’s footsteps, here’s the second of my leagues:


The League of Incredible Canines


The Leader: Rin Tin Tin

The Rogue: Snowy

The Muscle: Cujo

The Bitch of Mystery: Lassie

The Dog Who Is A Boat: Clifford

When the SPCA is infiltrated by a sinister cabal led by Cruella De Vil, its mandate changes. Rather than preventing cruelty to animals, it now commands its evil legions of dog-catchers to comb the streets of the world, capturing as many dogs as possible. Rin Tin Tin, fresh from rescuing a bus full of nuns and school children that had somehow fallen down a well, stumbles across his old friend Lassie outwitting a pair of the SPCA’s dog-catchers, causing them to fall into a swiftly running river and be swept away downstream. Lassie explains the dastardly intentions of the SPCA, and together resolve to form a resistance. Their next recruits arrive simultaneously. While searching the docks for some hard-nosed seadogs, Rin Tin Tin and Lassie come across the severely-inebriated Snowy, who, having fallen from the deck of an ocean liner upon which he and his human were passengers, was rescued by the frighteningly enormous Clifford. The two heartily agree to join the resistance, and the quartet continues across the countryside on Clifford’s back, battling the terrible forces of the SPCA wherever they find them. When Snowy learns of an SPCA holding facility nearby, the four resolve to raid the compound and free any captive dogs. Upon arriving, however, they are greeted by an abattoir of human body parts, strewn across every part of the facility. Horrific dismemberments of every type imaginable are on display, as terrified dogs flee the building. The four finally find the source of the carnage: Cujo. Having learnt of the SPCA’s plans, he took it on himself to cleanse the earth of their taint. Over Rin Tin Tin’s objections, Lassie convinces Cujo to ally himself with their band, and together, they become The League of Incredible Canines.

It must be noted that during their travels, the courageous canines are aided by The Littlest Hobo, Pongo and Perdita, Scooby-Doo, and Snoopy. Especially The Littlest Hobo.





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3 responses to “The League of Incredible Canines

  1. I really was worried you were going to forget about The Littlest Hobo. I should have known better. =]

    I hope he’s more of a recurring (there’s a pun to be made somewhere in there with ‘cur’, but I’m too lazy to work it out) character than a guest. Of course he’s a hobo, so who knows when he’ll show up to help. Bless those ragged rails of adventure!

  2. Fantastic list! I have loved the themed Leagues that people have come up with.

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