OMAC Syndrome

Remember a couple of years ago, Greg Rucka and Jesus Saiz came out with OMAC, and it had some cool art and a cool story, and then there’s this major cliffhanger, and then you get the following message:


  • Superman: Sacrifice #1
  • Action Comics # 768
  • Adventures of Superman # 311
  • Give us your money, bitch #7
  • If you don’t buy this comic, OMAC 4 will be written in Japanese #23
  • AOL/Time Warner: How We Own You (one-shot)

Goddamn, did it ever shoot that story to shit. Suddenly, there’s this jarring transition where you’re supposed to buy four or five other titles to fully understand the story. I said no thanks, and walked away from the series. When they collected it (I picked up the paperback from a friend for about $5) there’s this page after OMAC #3 that quickly summarizes the events of the Sacrifice story. Sweet Jesus, that shit just did not make any sense at all. And then they include Wonder Woman #219, in which Superman and WW battle, and WW (spoilers, if you haven’t read a DC comic over the last two years) snaps Max Lord’s neck. Then, and only then, do we get back to OMAC #4.

So if you didn’t read those bridge issues, you were more or less screwed. OMAC #4 was entirely incomprehensible without knowledge of the events of Sacrifice. This, to me, was absolute bullshit. You don’t publish a 6-part miniseries with a 4-part miniseries hidden in the wings, to be unleashed on the readers when they least expect it. I would’ve hoped that DC learnt their lesson from this nonsense.

They did not. Amazons Attack is the proof. The first issue of this violent little mini, well written by Will Pfeifer and wonderfully illustrated by Pete Woods, was a pretty kickass book. The title spoke only truth: Amazons did indeed attack. I looked forward to the second issue, which I read yesterday.

Then, everything goes wrong. Almost immediately, I’m being told I have to read Wonder Woman #9 and Countdown #46. Countdown #46 is still two weeks away, and while WW#9 is on the shelves right now, I didn’t buy it (waiting for Simone). Apparently some major, major shit goes down in WW#9. Some shit that really affects Amazons Attack #2. I feel that Amazons Attack suffers a great deal for the information it is missing. I wish DC could just put out a miniseries without having to tell crucial parts of the story in other titles.  Is that so much to ask, Mr. Didio?

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