Back in Dubya Dubya Aitch… (and pondering JLA continuity)

There’s something about World War Hulk that has me excited, against my better instincts. I don’t enjoy being a slave to these summer mega-events. I hate the very idea that every year they throw out something big and earth-shattering that crosses over every title, just to sell a bunch more comics.

But dammit, they make those comics sound good. Hulk coming back from space to kick the ass of a bunch of superheroes? Yes, please. I didn’t read a page of Planet Hulk, but this just sounds good. This is what the Hulk should be doing more of: beating the living piss out of things that annoy him.

And with Romita Jr. pencilling the main series, I’m sold. The preview on Newsarama has me eagerly anticipating the main event.

God help me, I am slowly becoming a zombie.

Incidentally, in that same set of previews has a look at the potentially super-cool Avengers Classic #1. Rather than ignore their old stories, or retcon them away with multiverse-shattering crises, Marvel is weaving them back into the modern stories. I think it’s an original approach that has great potential.  It’s also something that DC, unfortunately, would have trouble doing, what with all the continuity retooling they’ve done over the years.

After the Countdown dust has settled, I’d like to see another look at the founding of the JLA, as it exists in our modern continuity.  Not something as long-winded as the 12-issue JLA Year One, just a nice little four or five issue mini that has them all banding together to defeat Starro, or whoever it is.  A classic story with a modern sensibility.

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