Tintin: Insanest of the Insane

On the lighter side (or much darker side, depending on how you feel) of the aforeblogged Tintin in the Congo, here’s how Tintin rescues Snowy from a pesky primate:


Another monkey? Why, whatever for? Is our intrepid hero hatching some clever scheme?


Hmmm… Interesting. Tintin certainly dispatched that monkey with aplomb, but what now?


He… he what?


I think I’m going to be sick…


“WITHOUT AROUSING HIS SUSPICIONS?!?” You’re a human being who has gutted a dead monkey and draped yourself in its still-warm fur, and now you’re walking around with your face sticking out of its neck, wearing a hat and carrying a rifle. Everything about this would arose a monkey’s suspicions!


See?! I told you! You’re insane, Tintin! You need help!


Oh my god… The monkey is talking to him? This is an acid trip. It has to be. Nothing else would explain why Tintin would suddenly go batshit insane.


Oh, no Snowy. Nothing to fear. Tintin, your master, has simply carved himself a new monkey suit and runs around the jungle smelling like freshly-skinned primate, talking to beasts and climbing through trees. Nothing to worry about at all.

And if that episode weren’t evidence enough of Tintin’s obvious insanity, consider this: after a brief scuffle with the monkey (who decides he’d rather have the gun than the hat and tries another trade, with violent results) Tintin feels so comfortable in his new skin that he walks all the way back to camp in it, much to the horror of Coco, our intrepid hero’s unfortunate guide.


Despite Snowy’s chiding, I can’t help but sympathize with young Coco’s reaction here. If I were sitting in the jungle, alone except for an unconscious assassin trussed up in my car (long story) and someone came sauntering out of the brush wearing a blood-soaked monkey hide, a safari hat, and dragging a dead antelope (it’s there, trust me) I would probably be a little bit freaked out, too.

In conclusion: Wearing monkey skin is insane. Tintin wears monkey skin. Therefore, Tintin is insane.  QED




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63 responses to “Tintin: Insanest of the Insane

  1. Ha this is amazing. Poor Herge wasn’t exactly the most well read and independent thinker when he was young, but later he broke free from the dominance of the church and managed to grow a lot as a human being.

  2. cybertim

    And on the last picture tintin is wearing his hat again? He probably killed the other monkey to when he saved his dog.

  3. Me

    It’s also a book full of stereotypes involving black people, it was later changed to tintin in africa, instead of congo (congo used to be a belgian colony, but that changed, hence the title change.)

  4. Dalington

    I dig how he gave his hat 2 the monkey, but he seems to have another one in the final frame… Y didn’t he just shoot the original monkey?

  5. reborn

    I don’t think the church is quite the thing to blame for this little bit of madness. 😛

  6. Yeah. He got his dog back AND the hat too (didn’t have to give up nothing). Poor monkey got SQUAT. Very Leopold-ian!

  7. Dingus

    Hey, the guy’s a journalist, not some sort of monkey negotiator. You have to work with what you got, and Tintin had a gun.

  8. Amber

    He’s insane to think that he shot a walking costume into existence and then to be set back for a second because it isn’t exactly the size he wanted.

    I wonder what the dog thought of the pile of monkey insides next to his owners boots… ’cause they had to have walked by it for that guy to have his boots for the last frame.

    I wonder if he kept his undies on when he put the skin on… or if he’s completely nude and sticky under there.

    Poor Coco…
    Just poor Coco for so many reasons.

    He should have found and killed another dog… skinned it… and filled it with his with Coco to trick himself into thinking it was snowy.

  9. How did or should i say what did Tin tin do to get his hat back at the end? Fucking Sociopath!!!

  10. JTDC

    Please. Worse things are done in WoW, people.

  11. That is one absolutely mental comic. Is it real?

  12. Tree

    @ Shiney Green and other people:

    Hey, he didn’t just get his hat AND his dog back, but also the gun. What did he do with the monkey. oh, wait, I know (my grandma has all Tintin-albums and I read them all):

    After the monkey tries to get the gun instead of the hat, Tintin grabs both the gun and the hat and tells him (yes, Tintin talks BACK to the monkey, he’s on Acid for sure) that if the monkey cannot be satisfied with what he chose, the monkey cannot have anything. And Tintin walks away, leaving the monkey stunned to his bones by Tintins magnificent example of reason (which is surprisingly understood by the monkey).

    And, yeah, who the hell walks around in a murdered and flayed monkeyskin in a forest in Africa? It must be still dripping of gross monkeyblood.

  13. @Dalington

    you know what I never even realized that, he had absolutely no problem shooting the other monkey, why not just have avoided the whole deception thing and shoot the monkey that was holding Snowy! I can only assume that he didnt wanna hit the dog….

  14. shepster

    ok so.. what i just cant grasp is if he has no problem killing a monkey y didn’t he just shoot the damn monkey and get his dog back?? All I want to know who the author of this is buying his acid from cause it must be some good shit for him to come up with some wild shit like that.. side note anyone else find it amusing that the black guides name is coco??? i mean common

  15. De-Angelo Ferrignio

    Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    Tin Tin is the MAN.

    This reminds me of a WWII Captain America cover
    depicting Cap backhanding a Japanese soldier with
    the speech bubble stating “Its alright to slap a Jap”

  16. De-Angelo Ferrignio

    Also. Why bother going to all the trouble of killing and gutting a monkey so you can dress as a monkey in said monkey to rescue your dog when you have a perfectly able black slave to do all the work for you.

    If Tin-Tin had any sense he would have sent Sambo to save snowy while putting his feet up and relaxing.

  17. Epex

    That was awesome and totaly fucked up. XD

  18. This is gold. I read this at work at burst out with laughter and had to share around the office.

  19. Hillel Banacek

    Is this how aids was first transmitted? Why didn’t he just shoot the first monkey?

  20. virginmediasux

    Reborn, I agree this has little to do with the church’s madness.

  21. Ray Mears

    I think the biggest crime here is that Tintin he left all that lovely bush meat on the jungle floor.

  22. shepington

    anyone else thing that last coment by the dog about the black guide being afraid of a monkey is just a touch racist??

  23. anon

    shepington… The guy is a gollywog.


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  26. kingcyrus

    virginmediasux, Reborn, you guys obviously were not educated by Jesuits. The logical procedures resulting in Tintin’s actions are a sure sign of Jesuitical reasoning.

  27. Doodlez

    LOL this is so random

  28. meh

    wtf! the monkey and the dog can make sentences, why cant you little black child?

  29. Alright, the ape-suit is bad, but this might be worse..

    The balloons (here in Dutch) read as follows:
    – Good job, that’ll make one heck of a nature film, won’t it, Snowy?
    – Well, a rhino (- nice beastie)
    – The prospect of a nice hunting trophy
    – This is hopeless! The bullets ricochet off his skin.. Think of something different.. (- it’s armor-plated, mark my words)
    – Watch this..
    – First a little hole..
    – In which I’ll put a little stick of dynamite..
    – Unwind the fuse..
    – Now a match..
    – Wham, Bob’s your uncle!
    – Good heavens! He’s certainly had too much of a good thing!

  30. david

    just a slight note: different mindset from a different time. while being overly critical can be funny, sometimes you’re just making an ass out of yourself.

  31. Cameron

    This kind of thing happens in Africa all the time

  32. virginmediasux

    Hi Kingcyrus,

    I’m not familiar with Jesuitical reasoning are the Jesuits equal to or more ridiculous than other religions.

  33. john1shannow2

    I see a certain likeliness between Coco and the primates. That’s all there is to understand in this.

  34. Philip Jones

    Erm, people,

    Superman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-Men etc. The process is called ‘suspend disbelief’.

    A story for kids. Written in the 1930s? Different sets of reality were at work then. A war that eclipsed everything previously known….

    Putting on a warm monkey skin was nothing.

  35. This was hilarious!! I grew up reading Tintin comics .. they were expensive so the kids who had Tintin collections were ferociously envied but had to be friended in order to borrow the coveted comics. Funny how you never think twice about this kind of stuff as a kid. I love this!

    P.S, I’ll bet you find similar blase creativity in Asterix and Obelix as well. Was it not more fun when people were oblivious .. check out Rainbow (British show) on YouTube.

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  37. I havnt laught this mutch in a long time =) I was wondering, is it ok if I post this on my website, and translate the text to Swedish? I will ofc credit you and link to your blog. Thanks for tonnes of awsome reading.

  38. I grew up on Tintin, and this was so funny I will dedicate my post death corpse boner to it. I laughed so hard I woke people up. (not with my death boner though, which would have been pretty cool) I especially liked the guest appearance by little black Sambo. I’m definitely checking out more posts here, mostly in hopes of finding a post on Asterisk and Oblix or whatever their damn names were.

  39. PostAD

    ShinyGreen is right…
    This is actually Hergé’s earliest attempt at satire. It reflects a period of Belgian shame for Leopold’s dream.
    Coco’s blue shirt is an allusion to the costume of the independence group “Union pour la Democratie et le Progres Social.” They opposed the western imperialist Govt. and by proxy, the Belgian’s living in Congo. The last panel is a comment on the “can’t win” situation for Belgians, who were at the time attempting to undo the damage done by their Ex-Monarch.
    Most of Hergé’s works contain allegorical references to political issues of the day. Another example is Tintin’s love scene in “Cigars of the Pharaoh,” a clear attack on opponents of interracial couplings.

  40. Jake

    how did he skin that monkey without a knife?

  41. Wow. That’s pretty sick.

    @Jake – Obviously, he used his gun, shooting off each piece until it…yeah, I have no clue.

  42. MadMonkey

    Jake is worried about how he skinned a monkey without a knife when the comic features a talking monkey and a talking dog? hahaha
    Let’s just assume he had a knife since it never actually showed him skinning the poor beast.

  43. Tintin is a comic book character from a different time. I can’t help thinking it’s funny most of you think it’s hilarious that Tintin can talk to a monkey but nobody rips on Spider-man for being able to walk on walls and Superman for flying, and I’m not even going to mention Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. And those comic books are still being produced.

  44. steve

    JackJ: This isn’t a post about Spider-Man, or Superman, or Mr.Fantastic. It’s about Tintin. Why would anybody bring up superheroes in these comments?

  45. Steve,
    I just find it odd that the same criticism given to an old Euro comic book usually (apparently) doesn’t apply to newer superhero comic books. People can accept flying superheros but give them a man who talks with a monkey, etc. “How ridiculous!”

    I’m by no means a Tintin spokesperson but I just don’t find that fair.

  46. steve

    JackJ: While I certainly see your point, I think you’ll agree that Tintin gutting a monkey and wearing his skin is pretty ridiculous.

  47. Why, no. I do it every day and I’m sick of being ridiculed by people like you!!

    (yes, you’re right, quite ridiculous, LOL).

  48. red

    Why are there so mant questions and answers about the monkey suit etc… Surely one of each would have siffuiced. No ones mentioned the blatant (though indirect) racism when snowy (a talking dog?) says ‘Fancy being scard of a poor little monkey?’

  49. red

    Why are there so mant questions and answers about the monkey suit etc… Surely one of each would have siffuiced. No ones mentioned the blatant (though indirect) racism when snowy (a talking dog?) says ‘Fancy being scared of a poor little monkey?’

  50. Tintin was always one of my favorite gross, horror-inducing comic strips.

  51. Zippo

    Yeah, that’s right! Tintin is thee most racist piece of pop culture ever. It REEKS of hatred. The KKK is kindergarten stuff compared to this! I really think we should have this banned so our kids won’t turn into angry, hateful racists.

  52. Tony

    Tintin in the Congo is just batshit insane from start to finish. I didn’t realize it had ever been translated into English. I read it in French in high school after having read all the other books growing up, and I could see why it hadn’t been translated. It is a) sickeningly racist and b) plotless and just not very good.

    In spite of that blot, I still like the other books, some of which are batshit insane as well but at least following some kind of internal logic.

    Most of the other books do not feature this level of racism. And I wouldn’t say it reeks of hatred, I’d say it reeks of ignorance.

  53. The way he draws black people is pretty racist and resembling the general steryotype, with the pitch-blacked faces and the completely round head, bright fat lips, and blank bug-eyes.

    I have never read this comic, and I thought this was a joke. He killed a different innocent monkey and went Hannibal Lecter on it..

  54. Zippo

    James, I think you overlook the fact that this comic book was made something like 75 years ago! Had it been made today it would have been considered racist but it’s not fair to criticise a piece of art with today’s standards when it was made long ago at a time when different moral standards were at work. This wasn’t considered racist at the time it was made. Along with Asterix Tintin has probably been thee most famous and popular comic book in Europe ever. And at the end of the day it’s just an old comic book. At least we didn’t have segregation in the 1960s in Europe. 😉

  55. ishan banga

    hey folks…

    look what i found…

    tintin comics all in 1 …resumable links ..in pdf…

    see here–http://myfundoo-blog.blogspot.com/2009/09/tin-tin-comics-resumable-links.html

  56. Another way to see these panels: these panels show the evolution from Monkey to human being; this is particulary important at a time when creationism tends to challenge the Darwin theory. Tintin by wearing monkey skin also show the evolution of the human beingand the study of the human evolution. On top of that by climbing in the tree and speaking to his colleague monkey, Hergé shows (in a wild way) the origin of the human being!!!!! Conclusion: Therefore, Tintin is more complex ….

  57. Alain De Kuyssche

    And yet another way of considering this episode of Tintin’s adventures : it seems that some apes species are younger than homo sapiens. Chimpanzees are one of these apes. Until that discovery, human beings were on top of the evolution tree. Tintin acknowledge this fact when he climbs down the tree.

  58. I love tintin even if he is the most insane in this world. He is an epitome of a character and an ideal so anything is good for him. HATS OFF TO TINTIN

  59. They should ban this book purely because it is the poorest writing and storyline of all Herge books!

    I like how Tintin still has his hat on when it is in the monkey skin..

  60. Olivia

    ….If he’s okay with shooting monkeys (clearly) why didn’t he just shoot the one that had his dog? : \

  61. acan008

    this is not the insanity of Tintin but of Herge since he was the creator and one who has chosen the gags in his adventures. Do not forget that we are living in a world that bullfighting and hunting are accepted as entertainments for the people. On the other hand, Tintin is a fictitious hero just created for the children like Donald Duck and other Disney characters. So, logic should not be taken into care for the Tintin books. Just read and enjoy them. I personally am very happy that I grew up (I’m in 55) with Tintin adventures.

  62. Could be the greatest post I read today??

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