Jon Favreau Knows What He’s Doing

A clip that is probably already everywhere on the internet is know here as well, for at least as long as livevideo  Youtube keeps it up.

This confirms so very many warm and fuzzy thoughts I’ve been thinking about this movie. The characterization of Tony Stark seems faithful (at least, to pre-Civil War Tony, which is to say Tony before he became a giant asshole). The first suit he builds is just perfect in its haphazard, machined-up look. And the flight sequence just looks damn exciting.

I’ll try not to give this movie a giant handjob just on the basis of this clip, but things look to be on the best track.

PS: DC? Warner Brothers? Let’s get things going, shall we?

EDIT: Livevideo didn’t keep it up for very long, as it turns out, but Youtube’s got it.

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