ceebeegeebee at the racks roundup

Having been away on and off for the last little while, I haven’t really reviewed any comics.  Luckily, I bought a fat stack of the things yesterday, and will now tell you what I thought of them in 7 words (contractions count as one):

 Punisher #50 : 🙂 Chaykin draws Barracuda, Frank gets a surprise.

 Chronicles of Wormwood #6: 🙂 This funny and thoughtful series ends well.

 Detective Comics #835: 😦 Weak story plus lacklustre art equals lame.

Midnighter #10: 😦 Much better when Ennis was writing it.

Batman #666: 😐 Futuristic, apocalyptic, satanic, and yet somehow underwhelming.

The Immortal Iron Fist #7: 🙂 Loved it despite some jarring art changes.

Queen & Country #32: 😐 Good, but tardier than All Star Batman.

The Programme #1: 😐 Muddled story not saved by Maleevesque art.

World War Hulk #3: 🙂 Banner appears, and he’s pissed off too.

Thor #2: 🙂 I missed number one, but this works.

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