Justice League, at last

This is me, not blogging.  I shall not bother you with the reasons for my absence, but simply get back to comics.  Or rather, film adaptations of comics. Topic for today: an upcoming JLA film.

Cliff notes version: DC and WB are preparing to make a JLA film using the same motion capture techniques you’ll see if you risk $10 on the Niel Gaiman-penned Beowulf adaptationThe writer is the same guy who called out George for double-dipping at that wake.  It would be entirely separate from the continuity of the current Batman and Superman franchises, allowing them to tell whatever story the script monkeys at Warner have hammered out.

My gut reaction is to send hearty kudos in the direction of whoever decided to make this movie.  For years I’ve felt that you could make a damn fine superhero movie that wasn’t live action.  A movie like JLA, packed to the gills with godlike characters, makes a perfect test case for an animated superhero feature.  Keeping the continuity divorced from the other franchises is also a pretty clever little manoeuvre. Now you can have a Batman who’s as expereienced and respected as he is in the comics, and it might almost make sense for him to be running with people who could destroy the world twice over just by thinking.  Furthermore, we won’t have to wait until there’s a Flash movie, a Wonder Woman movie, a Martian Manhunter movie, etc. before we see them all in the same film (although I have nothing but high hopes for the route Marvel is taking, I just fear that given the pace DC’s been putting out adaptations, we’d be waiting until 2025).

My one reservation is that the motion capture technique sorta weirds me out.  I know this is bullshit, because I just praised DC for choosing to make an animated film, but I can’t help watch the Beowulf trailers and think “If they wanted Angelina Jolie’s character to look exactly like Angelina Jolie, why animate her at all?”.  I prefer a more animated look, wherein the character need not be quite so photo-realistic.  But this is a minor quibble.  I am stoked for this movie.

By the way, Dwayne McDuffie starts on JLA with the next issue.  Buy it if you enjoy being happy.

Props to Chew for bringing that article to my attention.

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