Odd Shots

Catching up with the last few weeks of comics miscellany:

  •  Is Batman coming out biweekly right now?  It sure feels that way.  I think if his whole run had come out with this kind of regularity there would have been a much stronger reaction to it.
  • Speaking of Batman, is anyone else as impressed as I am by his style shoutouts on the various Club of Heroes members?  I picked up on the Chaykin Gaucho, Gibbons Wingman and McGuinness Knight & Squire, but it was cool to read the man himself lay out the inspirations and the reasons behind his choices.
  • FYI: Howard Chaykin drew every book Marvel published this month.
  • How many times is Marvel going to have Iron Man get stomped half to death in the wake of Civil War?
  • Doesn’t the Thor redesign look about 75% less lame than his previous costume?  It was time.
  • I love hearing that both Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd from Rome were attached (with differing levels of certainty) to Marvel films in the same week (Punisher and Thor, respectively).
  • Isn’t the eventual Avengers movie going to kick ass?
  • Garth Ennis on Dan Dare: Hells yes.  Anyone worried that he’ll somehow Preacherize this vaunted character need look no further than his splendid Battler Britton series, which delivered a two-fisted war story with nary a meat-woman in sight.
  • Why is Garth Ennis’ Thor: Vikings series so hard to find?  I’ve been looking for that paperback for years.  And while we’re on the subject, can we get reprints of the Ennis Punisher Marvel Knights stuff?  I’ve never read the last dozen or so issues and it’s killing me.
  • How can I love everything Matt Fraction does and still despise Punisher: War Journal?

That’s all.

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