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The HAMMER Comes Down

Here’s something that appeals only to fanboys: what the hell does HAMMER stand for?  Ever since SHIELD died a horrible death in the wake of Secret Invasion, we’ve been hearing about Norman Osborn’s newer, eviller organization: HAMMER.  But the acronym was left unexplained.  For a while, at least:

HAMMER means nothing

So Norman Osborn admits what some had guessed: HAMMER means nothing at all.  It was picked simply because it sounds cool.

Not that SHIELD was always 100% certain what it stood for.  In the days of Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury series, it stood for Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division. In recent days, we had Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage Logistics Directorate.  And, in the movies, we have the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division (Personally, I prefer the original one).

Clearly, the lesson for Norman Osborn is this: if you want your shadowy, sinister death squad to last, pick the name early.  You’ve got the pin those letters down, and never waver. We’ll probably get something like this:

Homeland Armed Military Management, Enforcement, & Reconaissance

There are clearly better options.  My faithful friend Mr. Chew suggests, rather adroitly:

Hackneyed Acronym Made at Marvel Executive Retreat

I don’t think that one can be beat.  But please, all readers, feel free to try.

Note: I know acronyms should have periods between each word, but I’m too lazy to type them all in.



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Comic Book Writer Pre-Requisites

Have you ever noticed this? If you are bald, and named Brian, you are guaranteed a job as a comic book writer.

Or, you can opt for the religious web developer package.


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Found this while I was doing what I usually do when I feel like I haven’t spent enough money on comics: jumping around Amazon looking for things that might be worth buying.

That’s! right! It’s Noir Crime Fiction BENDIS! STYLE! Not BENDIS STYLE!, mind you. That’s just sh!t. No!, this! is! BENDIS! STYLE!

Oh, hyperbole.

Apparently, this collects the Udaku arc, which is the first thing of Bendis’ I ever read. I already have that collection, sans exclamation marks, in the mildly controversial black and white edition. I wonder if this will put the colour back in.  I think they should at least publish one colour edition: printing the single issues in colour and then yanking it out for the paperback felt really strange.  Would you broadcast a TV show in colour and then switch to B&W for the DVDs?  Not that my collection suffers for it, mind you: I really enjoyed it.  It’s an entertaining story that showcases Bendis’ number one skill: dialogue. That man can write a conversation about paper clips and make it funny and interesting to read.

Or, should I say INTERESTING! TO! READ!

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