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Sneaky peeky

New Frontier is one of my favourite superhero comics ever, so I’m excited to see how they adapt it for a direct-to-video venture.  I think it will translate pretty well, especially considering the storyboard style that Cooke used for his layouts.

Assuming this round of DC animated projects are successful, another one can’t be far behind.  I’m imagining Kingdom Come, Batman: Year One, and Hitman.

One can dream.


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Justice League, at last

This is me, not blogging.  I shall not bother you with the reasons for my absence, but simply get back to comics.  Or rather, film adaptations of comics. Topic for today: an upcoming JLA film.

Cliff notes version: DC and WB are preparing to make a JLA film using the same motion capture techniques you’ll see if you risk $10 on the Niel Gaiman-penned Beowulf adaptationThe writer is the same guy who called out George for double-dipping at that wake.  It would be entirely separate from the continuity of the current Batman and Superman franchises, allowing them to tell whatever story the script monkeys at Warner have hammered out.

My gut reaction is to send hearty kudos in the direction of whoever decided to make this movie.  For years I’ve felt that you could make a damn fine superhero movie that wasn’t live action.  A movie like JLA, packed to the gills with godlike characters, makes a perfect test case for an animated superhero feature.  Keeping the continuity divorced from the other franchises is also a pretty clever little manoeuvre. Now you can have a Batman who’s as expereienced and respected as he is in the comics, and it might almost make sense for him to be running with people who could destroy the world twice over just by thinking.  Furthermore, we won’t have to wait until there’s a Flash movie, a Wonder Woman movie, a Martian Manhunter movie, etc. before we see them all in the same film (although I have nothing but high hopes for the route Marvel is taking, I just fear that given the pace DC’s been putting out adaptations, we’d be waiting until 2025).

My one reservation is that the motion capture technique sorta weirds me out.  I know this is bullshit, because I just praised DC for choosing to make an animated film, but I can’t help watch the Beowulf trailers and think “If they wanted Angelina Jolie’s character to look exactly like Angelina Jolie, why animate her at all?”.  I prefer a more animated look, wherein the character need not be quite so photo-realistic.  But this is a minor quibble.  I am stoked for this movie.

By the way, Dwayne McDuffie starts on JLA with the next issue.  Buy it if you enjoy being happy.

Props to Chew for bringing that article to my attention.

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Warren Ellis and the youth of today

A few weeks back we got Warren Ellis’ JLA: New Maps of Hell paperback from the library for the kids at the childcare centre where I work. I heard a couple of kids talking about it this afternoon. It went something like this:

“I’m bored.”

“Read a comic.”

“I read them all. This one? New Maps of Hell? It’s so boring! Nothing happens!”


To be fair, something does happen in the comic. They blow up a robotic death god thing. Doesn’t that count for something?

Ah well. Maybe next month I’ll get them Transmetropolitan, and they can get a taste of the real Ellis.

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Lay On, McDuffie

So here’s the best news I’ve heard all week.

I only really know Dwayne McDuffie through his work on the stellar Justice League Unlimited, but that’s enough for me to get excited about this run.  His first few issues of Fantastic Four have been really entertaining, and if he brings that same skill to Justice League, it’ll be damn good.

Something I noticed about the Newsarama interview with DiDio:

Bring things down to a manageable size = So long, Geoforce! Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Bring in other members = Come back, Flash! All is forgiven!

Bring in that sense of high action and high adventure again = No more staring at photographs on a table for six issues!

We felt it was time for a little bit of a tonal shift = We thought Meltzer’s run was boring too!

September can’t come fast enough.

By the way, Here’s hoping Meltzer gets offered some sort of multi-million dollar deal writing novels for the rest of his life and doesn’t have time for comics anymore.  I know a lot of people like him but between Identity Crisis and JLoA, I just can’t stand the man’s comics.

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ceebeegeebee at the racks, June 16 2007

World War Hulk #1: 🙂 What’s that you say? You have not seen enough comics lately that feature The Hulk beating the shit out of Iron Man? I agree. This comic will cure all that ails you.

Green Arrow #75: 😐 Hold on, hold on… The entire JLA? Really? Now that the door has been opened, every single battle in every single DC comic has to end like this from now on.

Justice #12: 🙂 In this issue, The Joker apparently gains the power of teleportation. Vague similarities to the finale of Justice League Unlimited notwithstanding, this is a pretty damn fun comic. Braithwaite’s pencils give Ross’ beautiful but staid art a much-needed dose of fluidity.

Batman Confidential #6: 😦 Is this the most poorly illustrated comic I have read in years? Why, yes it is.

New Avengers #31: 🙂 Brian Bendis’ latest attempt to break the internet in half caps off a great initial arc for the Dirty Avengers. I trust Bendis to treat the can of worms he’s just opened carefully, and I have faith this will pay off with some interesting stories down the line.

Punisher War Journal #8: 😦 There are, I guess, two ways to handle Frank Castle: one is to make him grim, determined, intelligent, violent, and scary. The other is to dress him up like a refugee from the early 90’s and have him declare himself to be Captain America. This comic takes the second route.

World be Warned, it’s Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius: 🙂 Eliopolous and Sumerak channel Bill Watterson for some whimisical adventures with Lil’ Frankie.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps, but really cute fun.

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