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Matters of economy, revisited

What with the Canadian dollar reaching dizzying heights over the past week, I’m more than a little bit annoyed to find that my comics still cost me just as much as they used to.  My copy of Batman #669 has a Canadian cover price of $3.65, with a US cover price of $2.99.  Now that our dollar is actually, for the first time in over thirty years, worth more than the greenback, and considering the comic itself is printed in Canada, I find this baffling.

Luckily for me, the manager of my local shop is a pretty damn fine human being, and has begun adjusting his prices to reflect the rising dollar.  That, coupled with my oh-so-generous discount, leaves me with a more than reasonable bill for my weekly stack.  In other words, I shouldn’t really be complaining.  It will all even out when the tumbling US econmy drags the planet into a crippling recession, in any event.


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This has nothing to do with comics

I was in a bookstore today, and was heading upstairs.  I walked towards the escalators, noticing that they were out of order.  I took a step, and almost fell on my face.  This process was repated for the next two steps before my brain realized the stairs weren’t moving themselves.

This whole episode enfuriated me, not because the escalator was broken, but because my fucking chimp brain couldn’t figure out that the stairs would not be moving when I stepped on them.  It wasn;t a surprise: I saw that they were stationary from a mile away.  But thousands and thousands of years of human evolution could not defeat the expectation that the stairs would move.  I felt unworthy to be human.

Twenty minutes later, I did it again on the down escalator.

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Found Randomly on The Onion…

…the funniest goddamn site you will ever visit.



Clinton Goes Back In Time, Teams Up With Golden-Age Clinton

My dream is that we will one day live in a world where we can travel back in time to heroically join forces with our more brightly-coloured, purely-intentioned alternate selves.

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Odd Shots

Catching up with the last few weeks of comics miscellany:

  •  Is Batman coming out biweekly right now?  It sure feels that way.  I think if his whole run had come out with this kind of regularity there would have been a much stronger reaction to it.
  • Speaking of Batman, is anyone else as impressed as I am by his style shoutouts on the various Club of Heroes members?  I picked up on the Chaykin Gaucho, Gibbons Wingman and McGuinness Knight & Squire, but it was cool to read the man himself lay out the inspirations and the reasons behind his choices.
  • FYI: Howard Chaykin drew every book Marvel published this month.
  • How many times is Marvel going to have Iron Man get stomped half to death in the wake of Civil War?
  • Doesn’t the Thor redesign look about 75% less lame than his previous costume?  It was time.
  • I love hearing that both Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd from Rome were attached (with differing levels of certainty) to Marvel films in the same week (Punisher and Thor, respectively).
  • Isn’t the eventual Avengers movie going to kick ass?
  • Garth Ennis on Dan Dare: Hells yes.  Anyone worried that he’ll somehow Preacherize this vaunted character need look no further than his splendid Battler Britton series, which delivered a two-fisted war story with nary a meat-woman in sight.
  • Why is Garth Ennis’ Thor: Vikings series so hard to find?  I’ve been looking for that paperback for years.  And while we’re on the subject, can we get reprints of the Ennis Punisher Marvel Knights stuff?  I’ve never read the last dozen or so issues and it’s killing me.
  • How can I love everything Matt Fraction does and still despise Punisher: War Journal?

That’s all.

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If he’s back, Steve Rogers can’t be far behind

In no way related to comics, but creepy enough that people must see it.

Notice the horrer etched on the features of the balding man at 0:03: his pitiful visage contorted with anguish at the sight of a hideously reanimated popcorn spokesman:



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